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Jon Connor


Jon Connor



I grew up a fuckin screw up
Got introduced to the game
Got a ounce and fucking blew up
Chopping rocks over night
The nigga Biggie Smalls
Tryna turn into the black Frank White

[Jon Connor][Verse 1]
I do this for the nigga in the basement
Just chasing his dream
Chasing what he perceives is makin it
But it ain't what it seems
So far gone he done lost sight of what makin it mean
Can't talk about music with his folks without making a scene
Ya he try to ignore his problems
But look at how far that got him
No matter how hard he work
He still lookin up at the bottom
Nobody seein his vision
His girl is saying he trippin
And he become ?
Encouragement non-existant
He cursed with being persistent
He hurt but nobody listen
Hard work ain't making a difference
At least thats how we be feelin
Late night while his niggas hitting bitches
He be spittin lyrics ain't been himself
He don't recognize the nigga in the mirror
Spirit tell him to keep goin
But comin, damn close to quittin
But he know that it ain't, over till he finished
And he bout to have a melt down
The only thing that stop him
Is he dont wanna let his self
Or nobody else down
We Run It!

Why am I fighting to live, if I'm just living to fight?
Why am I trying to see, when there ain't nothing in sight?
Why am I trying to give, when no one gives me a try?
Why am I dying to live, if I'm just living to die?

[Jon Connor][Verse 2]
I do this for the sleepless nights
You ain't eaten right
Born to die that shit might be tonight
Give me a cig my nigga i need a light
Yo girl wanna spend time
But you like i need to write
She got too much time she need a life
If she can't see the light
Every night you stressing and second guessing
You question if this a blessin
Depressed because results is not adding
Up to what you invested
Its nothing like you expected
Its brutal but you accept it
You lose the connection
To folks that usually you respected
Cause everybody's got suggestions
On whats the right path
Lost motherfuckers tryna direct your life path
The fuck out of here
That ain't sensible
How you gon tell me how to be happy
When you miserable
You the one that gotta live your life
Wether good or bad
Take the wrong advise
And you'll be reminiscing
On what you coulda had
Just keep goin dawg and
Know your day is comin
Get up and keep on running
All this ain't for nothin
For real