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Thinking Crazy

What am I going to do?
The rent is overdue!
God, I guess it's over to you
I could beg, borrow, or steal
Take it to court
Try to appeal
But you've got to be real
Like that guy from Cypress Hill
Times are ill
Before I do something stupid I should write my will
I need to smoke something
Try to chill
Now I'm thinking:
In prison they supply the meals
No gas, no electric, or water bills
Fuck it
I'm cracking open a host of peels
As low as I feel?
I could rob a little kid's piggy bank
Scrap the plate down to the last milligram
On the realy, fam
I'm in a tight squeeze
Have you got a little spliff of weed that I could buy please?
Ayo, I'll pay you later
Why're you fronting?
Don't be a player hater
When I blow I'll be making crazy paper!

No money for food?
You start thinking crazy
The rent is overdue?
You start thinking crazy
Bailiffs at your door?
You start thinking crazy
You're sick of being this poor?
You start thinking crazy
When your pockets are broke
You start thinking crazy
Your money went up in smoke?
You start thinking crazy
Up to your neck in debt?
You start thinking crazy
The landlord came to collect?
You start thinking crazy

They say I'm cashing cheques
And I'll be pushing the bimmer next
I've got a push-bike, blud
I'll push a BMX
So if you see me vexed
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It's 'cause my money's short
There's not enough noughts on this cheque
I need a couple more!
Surviving in the tin cans out the cupboard door
Bunning draw
Just to deal with the rugged, raw, situation
This is going to take a team effort
If all else fails I'll turn to extreme measures
Ain't nothing sweet, fellas
We've got to eat
Let us load up the heat and go wave it at some bank tellers
For a bag of Cheddars
I know you man are jealous
We're all sick to the stomach like we've got Salmonella
I'm looking at my bank balance like 'It's now or never'
You know the taxman is out to get you?
And I'm going to bet you
That when your stomach's touching your ribs
You'll suddenly switch
It's about to get ugly kids!


So now it's time to start pulling out the long straps
Sawn-offs and all that
Gats and baseball bats
Black hoodies and baseball caps
Real low
Bandanas wrapped round the face so nobody'll know
Let's go
Natwest, HSBC, Abbey National
Halifax or the Barclays?
It's all the same to me
Yeah, I know I'm a novice
But anyone can pull a toaster in the post office
Balaclavaed up
Celebrate down the pub
Lagered up
Go to West-end clubs and large it
Plus treat yourself to some things
Live like a king
Buy your wife some bling
I know she'd like a diamond ring
But the police must of traced the notes
Now they're knocking on my door
There's no place to go!
I'm out the back door
Over the wall, into the next road
They're already there
I'm surrounded by 5-0