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Kendrick Lamar


Kendrick Lamar

Friend of Mine

Come on
Me, I've been searching, for that right one
And hopefully I found her
I found her
My nigga tells me 'bout this girl that he knows, oh
Said she the type of girl that I'm looking for, oh
Shout me her number and said make sure I call, oh
Got straight to the point when she picked up the phone
When she picked up the phone she said hello and I said
A friend of mine said that you were the one for me
A friend of mine said that you was with everything
A friend of mine said that you are good company
A friend of mine said that you got good pussy baby
Got good pussy baby
Can I sample baby? Cause I'm curious, curious
I want it baby
Gotta have it baby
Said I need it baby cause I'm so curious, curious
Now girl I don't mean to come off so strong
But I heard that you got the love that I want
Can you promise me that it's true what they say?
Before you tell me your name? Is you with it?
Tell me is you with it?
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Is you with it? (4 times)
Tell me are you with it?
Are you with it? (4 more times)
Give me that funk, that sweet, that nasty, that gushy stuff
That coochie, that twat, that pussy stuff
Whatever you wanna call it, I can't get enough
I can be your lover, be your friend
Be your number one or your twin
and just like UPS or FedEx girl we can both send
Then pray in the morning, then after we pray more play in the morning
Have it your way like a shoe custom made whenever you need
Or maybe like a chain of Burger King's
I promise if we do it, I'll remain serene
Nobody gotta know like a group of yes men
And if it goes well we can make you a flip
So what it's gon' be miss lady my clock is tickin'
So please tell me you accept my proposition
Are you gonna tell me now?
Or you need more time if you do that's fine
As long as it goes down, girl make up your mind