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All This Love

(feat. Noonie Bao)

Walking down town like a fallen urban angel
Every street could be home, it's plain to see
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Mama said trust yourself long before you trust a stranger
But she's a long way from home, her destiny

All this love, all this love, all this love
Do me right, do me wrong
Do me in, you should know that I'll be okay
(All this love)
Like a drug I'm no wasting away, if you wonder, I'll be okay
(All this love)
She said I wanna live, I don't wanna die young
I'ma live through the night just to light up the sun
I don't need to hide, I don't need to run

All this love, all this love

Been a long day, been a long night in the city
How does it feel to sleep out in the clod?
Mama said don't be scared, even in the face of danger
I don't need much, I got all I need to owe


All this love, all this love [x2]


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