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Kate & Anna Mcgarrigle


Kate & Anna Mcgarrigle

Homage a Grungie

I want to lay my brushes down
And put my paller away
Take off my smock
And take off my beret
I want to call it a day

For the sun's gone down
It's time to light a candle
Eight hours striaght
Is just what I can handle
After that it doesn't pay

So serve up the cheese
With the crackers and the wine
I want to rid my mouth
Of the taste of turpentine
I want to get a little drunk
Fatten up my head
Find me a good book
And take that book to bed
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And read until the break of day
Painting ain't the only thing
I like to do
I like to dance even like to sing
Don't you? Don't you?

So come up to my attic
If you're happening by
And when my work's all done
I will show you why

First we'll drink to your health
Then we'll drink to mine
Who knows what will happen
When we finish off that wine
That's all I got to say
Maybe we'll make a little hay