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Kacey Musgraves


Kacey Musgraves

Whispers of Your Name

Maybe I won't find,
Any old love letters,
Maybe I won't wish,
You'd come down the hall.

Maybe my picture frames,
Won't look so empty,
I have to take 'em down,
Off the wall.

Maybe the rain will come,
After I'm sleeping,
Maybe in my dreams,
I won't feel this pain.

Maybe I'll find my way,
Back to morning,
Without hearing whispers of your name.

Maybe I'll find some things,
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To keep my mind busy,
Maybe I'll sell this car,
Sell this ol' ring.

Maybe that'll be enough,
To finally convince me,
That you're not here,
And I really don't have anything.

Maybe I'll try,
Try to get out some,
Maybe our favorite places,
Will still feel the same.

Maybe when I sit alone,
At our old table,
I won't hear whispers of your name.
I won't hear whispers of your name.