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Lil B


Lil B

Pink Bandanna Party

It's a pink bandana party

Bitch mob, bitch mob
Suck my dick
Tiny shirt, pink bandana, I'mma fuck your bitch

[Verse 1]

Bitch told me I'm a ho on the low
Damn right, you faggot bitch, I'm a ho and I go
Tell her bring me the bitch, I'mma need my back cracked
I'mma tell you this, bro, I'm down to front the sag
And I'm down to with mac, and I'm down with the turf
Shout out to Sacramento, [?]
Bitch wanna fuck me because I know Lil B, bitch, excuse me, I mean I know some girls in the jacuzzi, bitch
Bitch, I wanna fuck you and she don't wanna sue me
Bitch, suck my dick, I don't even want the pussy
I'm too high maintenance, fuck the bitch naked
Bitch fucked me and then I fucked her
I said bitch mob, go tell what's the word
Bitches fuck me because I look like Basedgod
Call me Tracy McGrady, peacoat look crazy
Bitch suck my dick because I look like Pat Swayze
Tiny shirt, Basedgod, niggas can't fuck with me
Bitch I know you hate that, they hate me
I'm a pretty bitch with an Oakland A's hat
Jail me, bitch, because I'm 5150
Bitch, I'm traumatized like a ho on the strip
Don't talk shit, I'm the rawest out
Shout out to Florida, I'm coming down
Shout out to Florida because I fuck with the South
Shout out to Texas because I fuck with the South
Shout out to Milwaukee because I fuck with the South
Shout out to everybody because I fuck with the South
Shout out to Carolina because I fuck with the South
Shout out to Arizona because I fuck with real niggas

I don't give a fuck where you from, nigga, fuck with me



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