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On the stairs of death i write your name
Oh liberty, come step my way

From fools in greed, the lost and found
I sink my teeth, below the ground

In wasted days, and same old fights
Those heavy lows, and lonesome nights

I'm finding peace, in hollow bones
And murders love upholds alone

Nostalgia drooled saliva rain
And soma drugs for people strange

I cut my teeth where nomads roam
As my reflection bears resemblance to someone I used to know

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White lights release, entombing me
When alls lost in bloom, in bloom
There's no escaping death
When life hangs by a thread

Beneath the shadows filtered softly through the dim lit room
It pulled me under, paralysed, so help me, I was froze
Uncontrolling wrath, a cramped mind unfolding
Hidden under the cracks in fear I'll never understand
I wish to leave, I long to breathe
Cause this was everything that got me to an early fucking grave
I'm scared to sleep and losing my life, so here's to death night after night
(night after night)
Take me away from here
Take me away from here
Take me, Take me, Away