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Busta's Intro'(feat. Busta Rhymes

Ay yo yo yoyo yoyoyoyo
Ay yo yo yoyo yoyoyoyo
Ay yo yo yo yo
Ay yo Missy
I just came out here a hour & twenty five minutes
on one of them Gilligan island shits of New York & Virginia
Word up!to visit your ass,and you playin' shit like this up in my ears.
What the fuck you think you doin' thinkin' I ain't gonna get on this
mutha fucka before I bounce.
Yo check this out,let me hit you with this real shit real quick Missy.
One shot baby just let me do my shit for a minute on your shit.
Check it out.
Ah hahahah!
I continue to disreguard all of ya'lls opinian
Ahah!Blast! your whole ass into oblivian,eheaha,makin' New York with
Eheh,this shit be baggin',eheh.
If you disagree,Uhah!,before I smoke this,& get a little drunk and a
little pissy,when I finish my music Ima make all ya'll mutha fuckas miss
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See who is he,that girl right there who is she?
It's Busta Ruhmes and Missy,niggaz when ya come around Missy don't act
like a fuckin' sissy.
No chicken headz allowed here,no time for the kissy kissy,and when they
askin' who is he?
I be Busta Ryhmes the pheneminal of get busy,strictly major
effected,ya'll niggaz know the drilly,we gettin' money togetha,trackin'
stacks and then countin' em
Ya'll niggaz stay tuned for the rest of my homegirl Missy's album
Word up!Flip Mode is the mutha fuckin' squad!
Busta Ryhmes commin' in right here with this quick lil' drop on ya.
Ah yo ya'll niggaz stay focussed!Keep ya eyes and ears on this
fulfillin' shit,Missy be numba one!
Blossumin',like beautiful flowers on ya'll mutha fuckas!
Stay Tuned.


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85.U Can't Resist'(feat. B.G., Juvenile
86.Crazy Feelings'(feat. Beyonce
87.All N My Grill (European Version)'(feat. MC Solaar, Nicole
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99.Gossip Folks'(feat. Ludacris

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