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Up & Down

Life is a pure creation the way to destination
You hear the bell of freedom but you can't hear it loud

And then you fall into the sea of desperation
You cannot find your true desire

You'll never have another story to remember
The way you live your life is like a thread of time
Your dreams, your hopes, your fears will hunt
your mind forever but there is always the way out

And never give it up take your chance
Don't waste your time
Oh, can't you see the way you go my friend
The place you'll find is the Garden of the Fire

Up and down it's a secret life
Up and down rollercoaster ride
Up and down through the days and nights
Up and down till the morning comes

Up and down it's a black and white
Up and down an uneven fight
Up and down it's your inner voice
Up and down it's your only choice

Up and down it's the laugh and cry
Up and down it's the fate of clown
Up and down it's the hate and love
Up and down it's your only way to go on

Your life goes on your colours fade
There's nothing more to see
Your gentle childhood never ends
For you and me it's true

Can you see this is a picture of me forgotten take my hand
How many tears how many fears are in the word 'good bye'

Up and down Killing voice
Up and down The sea of hope
Up and down Don't close your eyes, no falling down

Your letters make me feel Ok
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I don't see your face of cold end
don't hear your hurting voice (i'm free)
The moments of fire and choir of ghosts of fear
The hardest inspiration
To kill your every dream (i'm free)

And forgotten devils bound to fall
Try to steal my words but I don't have them any more
(I'm free)
Why have I met you, why did you have to leave
How much pain should I pay to understand this thing
(I'm free)

Up and down I hear your voice
Up and down The feeling shows
Up and down Your letters burn my hands
I'm feeling like a child

Hey listen to my voice I know it's not a pleasure
It's been a million years I've never been so strong
I know it's your delight to flee from destination
But now it keeps your hopeless hand
And you will set me free
And watch me shape my own creation of my life
And watch me fall, and watch me fall from grace
I know it's human fate - rising and falling again

Come and take me higher I will hold your hand
It is pure desire feel me once again
Want to feel your rhythm, want to hear your breath
Show me what you've hidden
Show me what you have
Sinking in the ocean let me hear you scream
I'm a silent killer, I'm your destiny

Let me throw my burden, let me disappear
Be my inspiration, be my only fear

I will give you nothing but it's all I've got
You have seen me falling, You will drive me mad!!!
I'm mad!