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Memphis Bleek


Memphis Bleek


Never die
Never, never die
Real shit, man
Never, never die

I never let this game get a nigga down
Though I travel light but I walk with a big pow
Trade these streets, never take none of my niggas again
I got some sins I committed, still I never repent
I pray my mama never struggle, my son never hustle
I'm in the gym working out, I never paid for muscle
I've never been a sucker and that's a known fact
Might've tripped you, good time in a 9., give you shit back
I ain't never take a deal for no chump change
That's only enough to bid up in your bitch clutch man, I'm mean
I'm chasing paper you can count in a week
My accountant now, it's never days that we don't speak
And I mean that, I put it out, they bought that green back
You never heard a nigga ran over my G pack
I used to say I'll never love until it caught me
Now I say I'll never trust a bitch, that's what they taught me
Got some demons out there fighting, some wrong I've been righting
And I don't need no diamonds for you to see I'm enlightened
Got the spirit of a hustler, vision to rule a nation
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Though I never had a job, getting money's my occupation
I never turn my back on my fam, not in my grave
Just because we spoke once or twice you're not my man
My Roney did 20 at Bleek, never again
Couple months his brother told me Roney back in the pen
It's a vicious cycle, I know some killers just like you
Most of them guns don't come new, some of them shit's just recycled
I hold a gun like a Bible, I be told that religiously
Reminisce on my niggas, only thing left is their memory
And I promised I'll forever ball, that's for my niggas
When dude sell you that, they never told, that mean restriction
I pray I never get caught up in no stupidity
Some dude told and I'll do 20 for some conspiracy
I got my mind on a million things unaccomplished
We take it first class flight full of them convicts
And I be blunted out and I'm doused up
I've never been no crew hopper, true star
You know what it is, man, KG, Brooklyn
Shout my nigga, Kunar

Never, never die