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Marvin Gaye


Marvin Gaye

Love Fell On Me

MG:I used to go my way all by myself, me, my shadow & I
Happy-go-lucky, nobody else but me, my shadow & I
One day out of the clear blue skies
I dared to look in your eyes
So tenderly, that's how love fell on me, yes indeed

KW: I used to laugh at all my friends
Gettin' ready for Valentines Day
Givin' candy & kisses & friendship rings
'Sweets for the sweet,' they say
One day when the sun was warm
I couldn't help but take you in my arms
So tenderly, that's how love fell on me

MG: Listen, Kim: it didn't hit me like a ton of bricks
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But I felt it just the same
KW: Marvin, love came creepin' right into my heart
When you whispered my name
So sweet & tender, I had to surrender
I knew I had really been hit
BOTH: So tenderly, that's how love fell on me
So tenderly, that's how love fell on me

MG: I couldn't help myself at all
KW: You know, you came along & I had to fall
(repeat & fade):
BOTH: So tenderly, that's how love fell on me


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