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Marco Polo


Marco Polo

Terrified f. Big Gutta & Jaysaun

[Verse 1:Big Gutta]
Drugs used to sell those, guns under my pillows
Got stripes robbin' you motherfuckers for elbows
Oh you eatin' but I ain't eatin', oh hell no, well they'll know
When you try to run on me and get shellholes in the shell-toes
Scotch on the rocks, Henney no chaser
Just papercut free, empty liquor cool laser
If I can take your head with me I'mma leave more than a few stitches
I'm Hussein, you lame, loose change, stuff you loose bitches
Now we in the penthouse, cloudy and bent out
Sixes on the rose, act shit on what we been 'bout
You lookin like dinner, [?]you runnin' up on the tribute steak
Rock, paper, scissors for the hitters, I'mma send your weight
You want to start it, I can end it, run circles around it
Till you end it, now me and these guns are codependent
Ain't fooling me with that punk face squeezin'
Still I ain't eatin' in this [?]season
Get your block [?]
Two pistols cruise your cool ass into a cruise missile
UMass like I bit it from Michael, better for Michael's
Position vindictive and spiteful, addicted to rifles
Run up on you, running guns, what your man gonna do?
Put haters on you, one-on-one I'm a one-man zoo
Tell your fan page, insurance, maybe it's curtains
'Cause shots fired after gang signs a daily occurrence

[?]in my name, banger in my lead
Half-tank of gas, catch you slippin' and that ass is gone
The man in the mirror ain't never lied
And I don't think you'll ever survive, you're too terrified
Time for the game, two shooters on the payroll
For me, my shooters shoot for free and then lay low
The man in the mirror ain't never lied
And I don't think you'll ever survive, you're too terrified

[Verse 2: Jaysaun]
First of all these ain't threats these are promises
If I can open up and bare my soul honest as con artists is
Enslaved to the eternal grind, shackled to the paper chase
Felonies and steak tips, my lawyer just ate the cake
And ain't leave a crumb
Smash the prosecutor doggy style in front of the judge and ain't even come
Hot from shock bullets, rock your brain, brain damage is
So savage, cannot explain and forgot your name
But learn faster than a jet plane
Engine that importin' excessive amounts of 'caine, it's not a game
Running so long don't remember who you running from
It started with one scale, one gun, and one chum
Got married, fell in love, had two daughters and one son
But loose ends tend to unravel, becoming undone
But either way you're still screwed
Still locked in the mess hall and your ultimate downfall is you're still a fool
But that's your fate in life, I know you hate your life
But you're wah-wah with incredible bark and still ankle bite
Stab enemies in their chest cavity if they ain't die on sight
You ain't shank 'em right
Turn the news camera lights on and make 'em bright
Hostile as a vicious Rottweiler can't wait to fight
Gonna drop twenty-four bars of napalm
Ghostbusters, who you gonna call, call Jaysaun