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New Model Army


New Model Army

All Consuming Fire

False Maria rises up from the corporate slab,
all clad in flawless steel
“Hello Boys” she says and the pack dogs gather,
slavering around at her heel
And the women try to stretch their faces,
hoping to look more like her
And then chanting her name, they hurl themselves
Deep into the all-consuming fire

So onwards to the feast to end all feasting,
onwards to Midas Hall
Where the treasures of the world reproduce themselves
like a hoard of cancerous cells
You can track the spread of the virus
by the newsreader’s colourful attire
Let’s go there now, reporting live,
From the chaos scenes at the all-consuming fire

And save us from these justifications
when every one of them is a lie
Pax Americana reigns and rains
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from two miles in the sky
Men rise from their beds and they shave their heads
and they wait for the orders to come
But there’s still no word, there’s still no word,
there’s still no word from the Front
And while a billion hungry eyes are watching us
from beyond the citadel wall
We’ve found a thousand ways to lay waste the planet
and we’re going to use them all
A culture in just two dimensions
is all that we require
Because it burns so well, it burns so well
So blazing bright in the all-consuming fire

The Captain abandoned ship years ago
but nobody thought to inquire
And so the band plays on, we sail gently west
So gently into the all-consuming fire