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Open Hand

You And Me

I need to stay focused.
I need to believe in myself again.
I need to get it all out.
I feel so alive...
I feel so alive...
And only want some to get my things together and I only want to hold it down,
And I will.
I'm so alive now...
And I'm home again.
Will they have faith in us?
They'll know when it feels right.
It's just you and me
Lets leave this all behind and I only want to get my things together.
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And I want to hold it down,
And I will.
I feel ok...
I feel alright now
I feel ok with what's inside.
In these times of doubt. I know this is what it's all about. So now...
The futures unknown.
I can't do this alone.
If this is the end... then here we go again.