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Once on this Island


Once on this Island

When We Are Wed

My dear Mademoiselle, I have something to say
Something I fear was left unsaid
Many thanks for all you've given Daniel
But do not be misled

My dear Mademoiselle, you dance so very well
I pray you'll dance for Daniel
And for me when we are wed

Ti Moune, Andrea and I have been promised
To each other since we were children
Our parents are old friends

But Daniel this is how things are done
Ti Moune, it's expected
Daniel, please, we can still be together

We'll race away in a car
I can't change who I am or where I'm from
As silver as the moon
There will always be a place for you here

We will live beside the sea
We'll have children
A garden and a tree

Ti Moune, I thought you understood
We can never marry
Oh gods, oh gods, are you there?
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Are you there?

There can never be anything
Between a peasant and a grand homme
They despise us for our blackness
Marry you, you are mad
You're not supposed to be in here

Now what can he want
With a woman like that?
If he lives, how angry the gods will be
The boy has the will of the devil himself
He'll soon throw her out

What can a peasant do for a grand homme
But shine his shoes?
He will not want you, Ti Moune
Blacker than coal and low as dirt

I can tell you this
They'll never stand before a priest
Some girls you marry, some you love
Oh, Ti Moune, what has this boy done to you?

The girl will have the gods to repay
The gods to repay, the gods to repay