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Princess Izzy


Princess Izzy

The First Time

The first time our eyes met was in a famous bar,
you looked so good I mistook you for a star.
I was getting high, and not just from the wine,
when our lips first met, oh so totally divine.

Love at first sight.
Not really for me.
Only later on it took a while to see…

You made me spaced out get into your car,
it felt an endless ride to a house very afar.
A mermaid out her sea I spotted your pool,
in lacy white underwear dived in to be cool…

You chased me.
A very hot man.
Looking back I now fully understand…

Next morning I did not even know your name,
you smiled and said “that is no real shame”.
I tried to go, but you wouldn't let me away,
hung-over and loud you made little me sway.

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You drove me home.
Made me pray.
Little devil took me to breakfast café…

Finally took me back home to my worried mum,
actually you looked so handsome in the sun.
We chatted for a while, finally gave you phone,
by then liked you enough to descend my throne.

You had to leave.
I said courtly.
My boyfriend arrives very shortly…

I made it clear not to call me before Monday,
boyfriend and co. came and you called Saturday.
I panicked like a scared chicken, promised date,
Monday arrived guess you suffered in the wait.

Shame on silly me.
Memory loss indeed.
Saw you again and sowed a seed…