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Sell Out Records

Yes, hi is this Logic?
Yeah. This is Logic. What's up?
Hi Logic. How ya doing?
This is Marty Randoff, big time, big league, record executive
Super white guy afficionado and I just uh want to talk to you about a couple things
Alright m'am, what is this regarding exactly?
Basically, what we want to do is we want to take Logic
We want to take everything about you
And we want to take it and put it on a bigger level
How that sounds?
I mean that sounds great man
What do you have in mind?
Basically, ok you know that whole thing that compiles you?
The whole Young Sinatra, smooth, intellectual lyrics, the realism of who you are and how you project that, everything that you do with your music?
Yeah. Man thanks. I'm glad you spotted that out
Basically, what we're going to do is get rid of that
Ok? We want to put you in the limelight with a bunch of bitches and popping bottles
Cause nobody cares about that stuff
Yeah. I know right?
It sounds amazing
Maybe you might be aware of some previous work that we've done
Basically what we want to do is have nobody remember you in five years
I don't know man
I really don't know
Have you ever heard of Lil Lollipop?
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Or Little Chetta?
Na. Na, man I haven't
Exactly that's the point
Wait where did you say you were calling from again?
Oh I'm just calling from uh... Sell Out Records
What? Sell Out Records?
Oh my God
Wait like you like sell out stadiums and stuff?
Nah man
Sell out like you like you know
You know
This is what it is man, illuminati
What Illuminati?
Yes Logic
It's your time now
Yo man who put you up to this Lembo?
Uh no. no
Uh I don't know where else to look
Look just sign with us
Nah I'm straight bra
{Hangs Up}
Oh. Hello? Hello?
Damn it. He hung up
These rappers are usually the easiest ones to convert