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Rostok Vampires


Rostok Vampires

Strange Conditions

What's up godchild
How do you feel?
I don't know who you are
But explain it to me
Do you still walk to work?
Do you need something to be?
When you're composed enough
I got a job for you fool
I'm talking 'bout economy
So lying isn't wrong
We're living fast
Growing on
What do you realy know?
Trust in me'n'you will see
What I say is gone
Demission is a failure
Be a man be strong
But he came closer instead
Let's think about a deal
Don't know what he was talking 'bout
When he stuck his tongue into my ear
In addition to all
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In a favour of a commercial aim
I said fuck you man
Here's no place for me to stay
'n'I'm not a friend of you
But he said
In a dying world
To be
Is for no one easy
Try to be my brother
Make a good job of your life
Be proud of cover
Turn into another
Think about children
Think about their way
Think about love
Think about pain
Think about your mother
Think about your sister
Man think 'bout your grandma