My Isle Of Golden Dreams 歌詞 Marty Robbins ※
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Marty Robbins


Marty Robbins

My Isle Of Golden Dreams

作詞:Walter Blaufuss, Gus Kahn

Out of the mist lips I have kissed
Call tenderly
Out of the west, hands I have pressed
Beckon to me

Over the sea waiting for me
Lonely and blue
Somebody sighs, somebody cries
I love you, I love you

Drifting in dreams, drifting it seems
Back to the shore
Where hand in hand over the sand
We'll stroll once more

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Heart of my heart, we'll never part
I hear her say
But with the dawn my dreams
Have gone astray

I hear the voice of my land
A-callin' me, it seems
Those fair Hawaiian islands
My isle of golden dreams

I hear the voice of my land
A-callin' me, it seems
Those fair Hawaiian islands
My isle of golden dreams


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