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Stray Cats


Stray Cats


作詞:Bill Davis, Gene Vincent

Cruisin', lookin' for my gal
I'm cruisin', goin' don't know where
I'm cruisin', got to find my gal
I'm cruisin' for a bruisin'
That man with her is gonna get

Cruisin', got to find my gal
I'm cruisin', goin' here and there
I'm cruisin', got to find my gal
I'm cruisin' for a fight
That man with her will have tonight, cruise

Crusin', ought to find my cat
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Cruisin', so we can be a pair
Cruisin', wonderin' where she's at
I'm cruisin' for my date
I hope, I find before it's way too late, rock

Cruisin', lookin' for my gal
I'm cruisin', going don't know where
I'm cruisin, lookin' for my gal
I'm cruisin' for to bruise him bad
That man with her is gonna get

Cruisin', cruisin', cruisin', cruisin'
Cruisin', cruisin', I'm cruisin'


Stray Cats
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44.Thing About You
45.My Heart Is A LiarLet's Go Faster
46.She's Sexy + 17 - 1999 Digital Remaster
47.Rock Therapy (Live)
48.Race With the Devil (Live)
49.Summertime Blues - Live
50.C'mon Everybody (Live)
51.Stray Cat Strut (Acoustic Studio Sessions 1990)
52.Baby What You Want Me to Do (Live At the Roxy 1981)
53.Rock This Town - Single Edit;1999 Digital Remaster
54.We N' Love (Live)
55.Mystery Train (Live)
56.Sexy + 17
57.Stray Cat Strut (Rare Live 1981)
58.Stray Cat Strut (Acoustic Version) [Re-Recorded]
59.Summertime Blues - Live Version-Brussels
60.Blast Off (Live)
61.Bring It Back Again (Live)

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