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Just let that run again
Feels too good man
This is going out
To all the real people in my life

My pa's been working at the same museum
For the last 30 years, now they say they don't need him
He took it in stry I, but it was new to me
Things ending bring new opportunity
My mom's been singing for a living, playing instruments
Since she was riddling she still gets into it
My sisters working in pasta, living and paying rent
Went to college in the states and now she majors in
Philosophy, she'll probly be a professor
She always was good at expressin herself when it came to lessons
And me, well you probably can guess
My family need me more than ever so I'm tryina get a check
All they can do is support me, they there struggling for me
Before I was born, so now I'm here performin and tourin
And yall get frantic and panic, ain't know my story
So you gotta speak when I go so yall can explain it for me
Uh, man everything is for a reason
That's why I don't stress it ever, whenever it change seasons
My fans' passion, it tells me to chase dreams
But can barely seem to find these qualities in the human being
All I'm saying is I need dome dedication
I ain't talking getting high, speaking how were gonna make it
I'm talking bout a team who wants it more than I
To who invested time and money, can't believe they're making my moves
I mean you can say you doing, be lying to me
I really be on your grind, then start dyin for me
Cuz I'd die for anyone of my people
Just know that I got your back, we're here to defeat evil
I got my hit hip-hop fan, my fans, my girl
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And Mr. Hodgins, it's honestly all I have
It honestly makes me glad just to see em all succeed in it
Gives me a reason to live and break even
Livin to make profit or livin to shake demons
I just hope you're all happy and I say it cuz I mean it
I hope you're making it happen
Cuz if you dream it you can be it
And if I inspire you then we're even
Uh, you motivate me every day
And I only say we're even cuz I love you all the same
You keep blood pumpin in my veins
So before you make assumptions I'mma say

I do it for you, I do it for us
I do it til the sunshine opens me up
Yea I got friends but there's few that I trust
So I continue to do it for love
My family's everything I am
So I'm doing it for them
There's a few that got my back
That I truly call my friends

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Shout out to the whole Hodgins music family
Let me know uh
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Montreal baby