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Sheila Nicholls


Sheila Nicholls


作詞:Glen Ballard, Sheila Nicholls

We talked about loss and the patterns of past
And the pieces of ourselves, we'd killed over time
We thought then of love and surrendered our eyes
And I looked for myself through your dissolving disguise

My breath in is your breath out, we begin
And for a moment lifting this
Deception of being separate from you

My breath in is your breath out
We walk in, into the ocean
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Shifting my perception of being one drop of dew

We talked about God and the limbs on the floor
And the legalization of deviance
We thought then of sense and how often its veiled
And how the machines and their components have already failed

It's been years and I'm still here
Longing for what has always been true
Life and death, us and them are two parts
Of one whole just misconstrued