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Tony Norwell


Tony Norwell

The Music Still Goes ON and On

The Music Still Goes On and On…


They can try to say that short is long
Take a life and claim they did no wrong,
Even though they took you from us, John –
They can't take away a single song.
So your music still goes on and on…

You twisted and you shouted –

Followed the sun with words of love.

Found acid, purple pills and more –

Then sought your peace in Noah's dove…

You wandered through your fantasy –

Fell in love with new ideas.

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You took so many along with you –

As you hid away from all your fears!

You saw through fog much further –
Than was good for you for you it seems;
And imagined better times for all –
That needn't just remain as dreams…

You lived your long lost childhood –
Out right in the public eye;
They watched you as you laughed at them
As they longed for you to cry…

You twisted and you shouted
For eight days a week or more;
Told us all we need is love –
To end all misery and war.



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