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Tim Dewolf Cheri wagner


Tim Dewolf Cheri wagner

Lonely Hearts Cafe

I met a broken hearted lady.
Passing through a one horse town.
She said she liked to go dancing.
Every night when the sun went down.

When the night grew dark.
That's when the band would start to play.
And she would be there.
Dancing the night away.


Through the smoke and shots of whiskey there was someone.

Someone who would steal her heart away.

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And she knew she would him.

Down at the Lonely Hearts Cafe.

She told me a story.
Of when she loved a two-timing man.
She said she didn't mean to bore me.
And she hoped that I would understand.

So I asked her.
If she would like to take another chance.
And then I took her hand.
And asked her if she'd join me for a dance. (Chorus)