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The Reeds Mill Investigation


The Reeds Mill Investigation

End Of The World

Let's get this over with,
I've been expecting this.
The blood is boiling tonight.
Now hold the gun steady,
you underestimate me.
The fear is trembling in your eyes.
And I've got a proposition:
will you come die with me tonight
if I hold on and spin the cylinder?
But if these white walls could speak,
they'd say “paint me red with blood from his veins.'
it's that one last solid step.
I see it in your eyes
The taste will come and go,
this is the knife in your throat.
And oh! what a slaughter this will be.
You're on a path straight to your grave.
How stupid can you be pointing that gun at me?
Everyone makes mistakes, but you took the only thing
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that I've ever loved. See now you got two options:
you can choose to put that gun down,
or pray your last words as I spill your blood.
So tell me how you want this to end,
this is your one last fighting chance.
I've got the fastest hand in the West,
and you ain't got the balls my friend.
I've bleed out the night in search of you.
You're on a path straight to your grave.
I'll fight anyone in this room.
This ain't a metaphor, this is me versus you.
Blood for blood, yeah you got me good,
but I'll carve even deeper.
You're on your last leg, this is your one last chance,
I'll carve even deeper.
This handgun is my ministry.