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The Burning of Rome


The Burning of Rome

Norman Bates

Are you okay?
You seem not well...
Like thoughts of violence
Silence everything you have brought with yourself

Won't you please stay
In our motel?
We've got these linens
And decisions that we make all by ourselves

Don't be afraid
Mother means well...
Ignore the yelling
Bellowing from up behind the windowsill

Marion Crane
Would you please tell...
What brings your body
To the lobby of our cozy town motel?

I'll leave you be
No need to yell...
Wash off your skin of sin
So that my blade might penetrate it well
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Please forgive me
For my sick health...
I didn't want to have to disturb you and stab you,
Stab you, stab you, stab you,...
Over and over, over and over again...

'Shut up mother,
She's just a stranger
And it's raining
I will help her'
'You stupid boy,
You stupid boy
Don't you love your mother?
Now go kill her
And stab her...
Stab her, stab her, stab her, stab her...'

Love, love
Marian my love,
I miss you already…