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The Coolest Kid In School

I lay by the pool with a shirt over my face
Listening to her talk about her day
She said, 'Look at me, what do you see?'

I tried to lose some weight
It's not the way my body looks that I can't stand
It's the sound my footsteps make

And she hadn't eaten at all that day
But if she did she threw it up anyway
I looked at her through the cloth
And almost let it slip that I was running off
To Bethlehem, Bethlehem
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She bit her lip, she answered her telephone
That son of a bitch will never leave that girl alone
I said, 'I'm leaving and I don't know when I'll return'

I said, 'I condemn you to the pits of hell where you shall burn'
But she was talking to the coolest kid in school
So I took off my bathing suit and I jumped in the pool
To an octagon [unverified]on Neptune, oh, whatever

Can we get that played back?