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T. Rex


T. Rex

The Wizard

Walking in the woods one day
I met a man who said that he was magic
Wonderful things he said
Pointed hat upon his head
Knew why people laughed and cried
Why the lived and why the died

Shadows followed him around
Hewalked the woods without a single sound
Golden eagles at his door
Cats and bats played on the floor
Silver sunlight in his eyes
The wizard turned and melted in the sky.


T. Rex
1.20th Century Boy
2.Children of the Revolution
3.Hot Love
4.Ride A White Swan
5.Sold Gold, Easy Action
6.Easy Action
7.Bang A Gong (get It On)
8.Space Boss
9.The Wizard (修改)
10.Is It Love?
12.King of the Mountain Cometh
13.Truck On Tyke
14.Mad Donna
15.Christmas Bop
16.Laser Love
17.London Boys
18.Golden Belt
19.Zip Gun Boogie
21.Country Honey
22.Jitterbug Love
24.Tenement Lady
27.Tame My Tiger
28.Solid Gold Easy Action
29.Trelawny Lawn
30.King Of The Rumbling Spires
31.Painless Persuasion V. The Meathawk Immaculate
32.Broken Hearted Blues
33.Life's An Elevator
34.The Street & Babe Shadow
35.The Street And Babe Shadow
36.Pon a Hill
37.Aznagel The Mage
38.Beltane Walk
39.Beyond The Risin' Sun
40.Black And White Incident
41.Blackjack (Big Carrot)
42.Blessed Wild Apple Girl
43.Born to Boogie
44.Brain Police
45.Buick MacKane and the Babe Shadow
46.Buick McKane
47.By the Light of the Magical Moon
49.Carsmile Smith and the Old One
50.Carsmile Smith Is The Old One
51.Cat Black
52.Cat Black (the Wizard's Hat)
53.Celebrate Summer
54.Juniper Suction
55.Chateau In Virginia Waters
56.Child Star
57.City Port
58.Cornflake Zoo
59.Cry Baby
62.Demon Queen
64.Diamond Meadows
65.Do You Remember (Cult)?
67.Down Home Lady
68.Jasper C. Debussy
69.Drive Me Crazy (Disco Lady)
70.Dwarfish Trumped Blues
71.Eastern Spell
72.Electric Slim and the Factory Hen
73.Elemental Child
74.Evenings of Damask
76.Find A Little Wood
77.Fist Heart Mighty Dawn Dart
78.Foxy Boy
79.Free Angel
80.Frowning Atahuallpa (My Inca Love)
81.Futuristic Dragon
82.Girl in the Thunderbolt Suit
83.Go Go Girl
84.Graceful Fat Sheba
85.Great Horse
87.Highway Knees
88.Hippy Gumbo
89.Hot George
90.Hot Rod Mama
91.I'm a Fool for You
92.I'm Weird
93.I Really Love You Babe
94.Intro - Futuristic Dragon
95.Jasmine 49

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