Demons Play 歌詞 Veil of Thorns ※
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Veil of Thorns


Veil of Thorns

Demons Play

Feeling the fine caress of blades
through fires that entomb.
Wounded devils stand tall,
loudly calling us from our wombs.

And hellish voices surround us
like the embrace of a dead lover.
Bathed in the glow of dancing lights,
we look up at a vast demonc cathedral.

We cannot bear to touch.
We fear the day.
It is all so much.Much too much.
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Unpredictably he Demons play.

We are impenetrable,
lost in obsession and rituals.
Change terrifies us, so we cause it,
a preemptive strike against the demons whims.

Emaciated ghosts fade from view
now that we have arrived back in Eden.
Serpents writhe the brutal dance of God
as wishes fulfilled become our greatest fear.