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Try It

I Dare you to go and try it but nobody shaking round here yes i got it so you want
but i aint see you here last year
Bet you wont tryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy it (oh no)
bet you wont try it (yeah)
your favorite rapper cant fuck with me
girls fall in love with me
childhood dreams
yeah im fighting for my custody
theirs one of me theirs a lot of you
listen to the radio and its probably you
but who are you i don't even think you know
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they don't believe that i planned it like Pluto
I'm interrupting the conversation
enough with the observation I'm fucking up the structure standing up for the population this real shit coming thru your playlist family needs food bills need payments but i see money and the bank with my name on it rearranging rules yeah I'm changing up the game on you
I got a chip that weights the size of a brick
I might flip and do some shit that's gonna help me get rich quick
This ain't a thing you should try
I protect this with my life
Because my life is what i gave
for my life i would die


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