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Joe Walsh


Joe Walsh


作詞:Jimmy Reed

Lady luck just let you down, she's just another girl
Grins and snickers all around
Imitation pearl, bones

Mass inflation, welfare line, gross economy
Trade it all for what's behind
Curtain number three

Gourmet restaurant, best in town
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Don't know what you ate
Fresh last week is still around
Sodium phosphate, bones

Hi class, jet set, bourgeois scene
European style
Think they know the way to be
Missed it by a mile of bones


Joe Walsh
1.Eyes Of The Confessor
2.Life's Been Good
3.Lifes Been Good
4.Pretty Maids
5.Rocky Mountain Way
6.The Confessor
7.Walk Away
8.A Life Of Illusion
9.All Night Laundry Mat Blues
10.All Of A Sudden
11.Ashes The Rain And I
12.At The Station
13.Birdcall Morning
14.Bones (修改)
15.Comin' Down
16.County Fair
18.Days Gone By
19.Down On The Farm
21.Fairbank Alaska
22.Falling Down
23.Funk #49
24.Help Me Thru the Night
25.Here We Go
27.Happy Ways
28.I'm Actin' Different
29.I'll Tell The World
30.Indian Summer
31.Look At Us Now
32.Made Your Mind Up
33.Midnight Visitor
35.Mother Says
36.One And One
37.Ordinary Average Guy
38.Over And Over
39.Rivers (Of The Hidden Funk)
41.Rosewood Bitters
42.Second Hand Store
43.Shut Up
44.Song For A Dying Planet
45.Song for Emma
46.Alphabetical Order
47.Take a Look Around
48.Tend My Garden
49.The Bomber
51.Time Out
53.Turn to Stone
54.Two Sides To Every Story
55.Welcome to the Club
56.Where I Grew Up
57.Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?
59.You Might Need Somebody
60.You Never Know
61.All Night Long
62.Life In The Fast Lane
63.Midnight Man
64.Funk No. 49
65.I'll Tell The World About You
66.Ashes, The Rain & I
67.Walk Away (1971)
68.Daydream (Prayer)
69.It's All The Same
70.Funk #49 - The James Gang
71.Love Letters
72.Up All Night
73.Coyote Love
74.School Days
75.Slow Dancing
76.In The City - From 'The Warriors' Soundtrack
77.Welcome to the Club (Live)
78.The Bomber (Live)
79.Country Fair
80.Life's Been Good To Me So Far
81.Help Me Make It Through the Night (Live)
82.Waffle Stomp

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