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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Wale100 Miles & Running (Mixtape)Breakdown





Allow me to introduce me
My name Wale don't say Wally
Though she pop me low, lookin' for dat beaver
10 Deep hoodie, extra cushion in my sneakers
Those SB's cost near to a G, cause Wale so G'd up
Receive love from VA to LA
Them Cali girls feelin' me
They wanna hear that DC
I give 'em that flava
That's only if they handle
Man it's the killer tracks
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I'm nothing like a 'Bama
Party at Dream, party at one twizzy
Sipping the finest liquid until we finish the dizzy

This the Breakdown song, girl
You know, work that
This that new, from the city, you ain't heard yet
District of Columbia, I'm tripplin' my money up
If you ain't talkin' dollars then I don't see where you comin' from

You got that money that break – uh break- breakdown
If it ain't nothin', a break – uh break- breakdown
You know you stuntin' a break – uh break- breakdown
Hey hold up, breeaaaakdown
Come on, wit it
Come on, wit it
Come on, wit it
Says money in the air
Come on, wit it
Come on, wit it
Come on, wit it
Throw your money in the air

Is DC in the house, without a doubt
I'm the rapper with clout Columbians rap about
Oh, I think they like me, never seen my Nikes
Dramas think I'm dumb but the flow make them hyphy
So, shake ya plats, shake your dreads
If you ain't got 'em, then bob your head
That's my name don't forget it
It's not a game, hold your dame
Cause my thing something vicious
I'm ATL pimpin' custom pivot edition
The vision is quite clear
Apparently I'm official
Ridin' in that black joint
Lookin' for some action
Outta town rapper, bitches love to hear my accent
Ask them, ask them they whisper when I pass them
Fresher than me, never
I'm effervescent, just ask them
Pants get stone, we call it the breakdown
We ball, that breakdown
No more, we caked out



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