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Ken Yokoyama


Ken Yokoyama

Ricky Punks III


Now Ricky's the No.1 punk in the scene
no one could top his knowledge and beliefs
He'd talk shit 'bout all the bands he disliked
felt good to hang-out in the underground
This took place down in the basement
“I hate 'em, I'm not the same at all”
Then one day Ricky said“Ricky, is this any fun?”

Now Ricky was fed up and bored with himself
noticed that he ended up all alone
The values of Punk Rock still mattered the same
but thought there should be something
that counted more
And then one day the Earth started shaking
Not knowing if tomorrow will come
Then he said to himself“Ricky, what will you do now?”

Ricky, go on forward
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Ricky, go on forward

With water and food and tanks of gasoline
he headed off to where the damage was worst
It didn't take much time for him to awake
This wasn't the time for reasons and talk
Driving along the shattered roads
one word“UNITE”rang a bell in his head
Then he said to himself“Ricky, you hated this most”

Ricky, go on forward
Ricky, just go

seeing the sights as he goes
his country all crushed into stones
Other cars rushing to aid
Tears won't stop falling
Tears won't stop falling