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Scott Murphy


Scott Murphy

Swallowtail Butterfly ~あいのうた~

作詞:SHUNJI IWAI・CHARA・小林武史・Scott Murphy

Reach my hand out to rest in yours,
but hesitate when it won't stop shaking
Look to the sky, notice the depth of blue
and suddenly feel I'm all alone
Hiding everything I hold true,
in a pocket and close it tightly
tall summer grass sways in the breeze as
I move along the tracks that lead me this far

In my heart there's still a void
that I don't know how to fill
in the distance the mirage starts to blur and faulter

As you go on chasing tomorrow's dreams,
I listen to your plans that never seem realized,
while dazing out, I nod encouragement,
and wonder how we lasted this long

All the sadness in this world can't,
find a way to pierce through the surface
It circles around, constantly passing us by.
Seems all you have to do is wait there.

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And with each day, feeling this way, getting fragile I break
and though I try, I just can't fight the tears from falling

From here on out, wherever I may go
Each night that comes,
I'll get through one at a time and with a song of love,
I start to sing aloud.
And learn to fill my heart with melody

In my mother's shoes, I could never run very quickly
Now I won't cry on the days I wind up barefoot

Threw out the map, It was no use anyways,
I wasn't sure which way to hold it

The workings, of a heart is, one of life's mysteries
in the face of a storm, spread your wings and soar off

While every time I start to drift away,
my thoughts return to distant memories of you back then
And suddenly, a song of love begins
to echo through the dark until it lifts mi up
I give myself in to it's melody,
and with this song of love I'll head off serching for you