Box Chevy 歌詞 Rick Ross ※
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Rick Ross


Rick Ross

Box Chevy

Go on jump
No I don't wanna jump
Yes you do. You smoke crack don't you? You smoke crack don't you?
Look at me boy, don't you smoke crack?
Yes, sir
You know what that does to you? Huh?
No, sir
It kills your brain cells son, it kills your brain cells! Now when you're destroying your brain cells you are doing the same thing as killing yourself, you are just doing it slower. I say if you wanna kill yourself don't fuck around with it, do it expeditiously. Now go on and jump! Jump!

[Intro: Rick Ross]
I smell pussy on these niggas man
C'mon nig, lets do it

[Bridge: Rick Ross]
I try to let you pussy niggas eat
It's time to put your pussy boys to sleep
Pussy niggas always wanna talk
I'm busy getting pussy like a fucking boss

[Verse 1: Rick Ross]
I smell a pussy from a block away
Lets shoot them pussies from a block away
They wanna see a nigga in a cage
Baby mama garnishing a nigga wage
I just went and got the Chevy sprayed
Pussy nigga wanna scratch a nigga paint
Pussy nigga wanna see you fall
Just know to bring them choppers when you see me call
I tried to let them pussy niggas eat
It's time to make you pussy boys extinct
I took a quarter Key to Polk county
All my central Florida nigga straight 'bout it
Broke down the brick I'm back in Bartow
Belle Glade box Chevy on my car phone
J-Ville I went and bought a condo
Back to the crib where I get it by the car load

[Hook: Rick Ross]
I started with a box Chevy
Then I got the blue Lexus
My bitch stay down with me
So now she got the new Lexus

[Verse 2: Rick Ross]
I went and got my bitch her very own salon
Get her hair do everyday do the fuck she want
I started in a box Chevy
Now my watch a buck eighty
I heard the same pussy niggas hatin'
The killers comin stay patient
I made a killing milkin Okeechobee
I'm talkin millions with that okey dokey
Pop a molly now that bitch sweatin'
Or is it just a nigga necklace?
I tried to let you pussy niggas eat
I pray that all you pussy boys decease