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About the Money

feat. Young Thug
製作:London On Da Track

[Verse 1:Young Thug]
Bustin' out the bando
A nigga jewelry real metal like a can opener
I went from rags to riches to a feature with Tip
I went from Smart Car to a bitch with some smart lips
And the F&N make my hip limp
I'm goin' fishin' with these little bitty shrimp dips
And my bank roll got a big dip
She gon' bring it on a big ship
Quite trill, no Quik Trip
I got drugs in the alley, no tip there
She just wanna have a good day
Smoke way more weed than a guy in L.A
I want them birds 'til next May
Never let em fly away
What!? I heard [?]
Listen what my nigga Tip say

[Hook: T.I.]
If it ain't about the money
Don't be blowin' me up, nigga I ain't gettin' up
If it ain't about the money
Ain't no use in you ringin' my line, stop wastin' my time
If it ain't about the money
Nah I can't even hear what you say, I ain't finna do shit
If it ain't about the money
Bitch, you can miss me with it, bitch nigga miss me with it

[Post-Hook: Young Thug]
I'm packin' 11, I'm packin' 11
I ride in a gator, my shoes are Guiseppe
I'm slime like the reverend, I shoot at the reverend
Pants out the grocery store, they stuck with lettuce
She try make the extras, I told on these bitches
When it's bout time to pay I'ma bail on these bitches

[Verse 2: T.I.]
Ay what you think we in the neighborhood for?
Standin' at the corner store with a pocket full of dough
I'll be damned if a nigga wife a hood ho
Learned that from UGK back in 'Pocket Full of Stones'
Put your money down like a [?]
You playin' with it, I'ma send 'em through your car door
But while [?]
I'm doin' it for black and yellow, free Hardo
The head honcho, nigga no Tonto, nigga
I'm quick to put some bricks in a Bronco, nigga
Niggas talk shit, well I don't respond to no nigga
No murder, no dough, no convo

[Hook]+ [Post-Hook]


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