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Run Away(韓文)

魏晨,李准(MBLAQ), 天動(MBLAQ)

I Can't find a place to go Nowhere
Sometimes I wanna hide

Run Away ah Away ah no
We're running out of time Where do we go

숨을 쉴 수가 없어 편히 쉴 수가 없어
변해버린 하늘도 everything's fading away
우리의 욕심 때문에 나의 무관심 때문에
모두 잃어버린 걸

따스했던 기억도 이제는 사라져가
where'd it go I don't know 이대로는 안 돼

*I wanna run away Where do we go
I wanna run away Where do we hide
Can we find a better place Where do we run
보이지 않아 내 맘이 아파 와
멀어져 가는 하늘도 변해가는 저 태양도 no Where do we go
I wanna run away oh no oh ah away oh no*

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Rap) The sky's pitch black painted with shades of grey
clouds can't recall the last time I've seen a sunny day
you hear the concrete cry we're blinded by bright lights,
the night life, toxic in disguise over eyes wide shut

잃어버린 기억들 이제 사라져가는
아름다운 추억들 everything's fading away
커다란 욕심에 묻혀 변해가는 저 하늘도
우릴 외면하잖아

따스했던 기억도 이제는 사라져가
where'd it go I don't know이대로는 안 돼


Rap) I see a lot of broken bottles scattered on a field of broken dreams
so many shattered windows from hopes thrown away it seems,
we enjoy the pain that we bring into our own world light a fire
and watching it burn I'm sick and tired, I've had enough we need time
to heal and stop picking at the scars if we can grow together
instead of growing apart maybe we can save what wasn't even ours from the start