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Snoop Dogg


Snoop Dogg

Suited N Booted

That's short Jay
Gators on your feet
Six piece outfit
Hat to the side
Four bitches on your arm

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I keep my glass in my hand
In case I want to get my drink on
Feeling way pimping
Should I put the white mink on

You Got to do it
Suited N Booted
Me and my niggas stay
Suited and Booted

Game is tight
I'ma put this gold link on
Feeling way pimpin
Should I put the blue mink on


What you think we toasting for
Me and my nephews west coast for sho
We keep the best of indigo
We count our blessings, give thanks and then we blow
I'll say it again, I know I've said it before
Why Snoop be letting his mink drag on the floor
That's pimp shit, something you wouldn't know
G'd up from the feet up, laying low

Game on lock
That's why I got this link on
Feeling way pimpin
Should I put the green mink on


I keep my glass in my hand
In case I want to get my drink on
Snoop Dogg clothing
With a light pink mink on

Mayre Gators, maylike boots
Seven piece custom made suits
Hats to match, counting my chicken stratch
Just cut a deal with Cadillac
Fo real, that's why I be dressed to kill
Sixty-five G's for a Snoop Deville
Get you one, matter fact get two
They come in burgundy, but I'ma paint mine blue
I can't come through half steppin'
I keep me a cane as a potental weapon
Slap a bitch or beat a nigga up too
I do what the fuck I want to do
I stay cool, act the fool, represented
Hard from the get go, so hard to the finish
The cleanest, the meanest, I know that's right
And don't get to close cause these gators bite

Game is lock
That's why I got this link on
Feeling way pimpin
Should I put the orange mink on


I keep my glass in my hand
In case I want to get my drink on
Snoop Dogg clothing
With a honey brown mink on


Yeah, Suited N Booted baby
Lemme add something up for you real quick
Fifteen-hundred dollar gators
Six thousand dollar suit
Twelve-hundred dollar hat
My muthafuckin glass cost eight-hundred dollars
And the Snoop Deville I just jumped out of that's sixty-five G's
Plus the ounce that I got in my pocket
Add me up nigga, that's a hundred something thousand
Motherfucker can you buy that
That's called being suited N booted
G'd up from the feet up, can you dig it
And we do this here like seven dizzles a wizzle
Fa shizzle my nizzle, the big Snoopy D-O-double-jizzle
Back up in the hizzle, Da Boss, Nigga


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