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Half Of Me - Album Version (Edited)

You saw me on the television, setting fire to all the buildings
Yeah I guess you saw me stealing, but you've no idea what I've been needin'
Talk about when we were children, not the kind of kid that you believe in
You saw me on the television, saw me on the television
But that's just the half of it, yeah you saw the half of it
This is the life I live, and that's just the half of it.

Saw me on the television, hanging out my dirty linen
You're entitled to your own opinion
Sit and shake your head at my decision
I guess the kind of songs that I've been singing
Make it seem as if I'm always winning
But you saw me on a television
Yeah you saw me on a television

But that's just the half of it
You saw the half of it
This is the life I live
And that's just the half of it

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Oh you know me I'm the life of the party
Beautiful people surround me
Everybody falling in love
Oh you know me, everybody knows that I'm crazy
Sticks and stones they never break me
And I'm the type that don't give a fuck

And that's just the half of it
You saw the half of it
Yeah this is the life I live
And that's just the half of it

Yeah you saw the half of it
And this is the life I live
You saw the half of it
Only the half of it
Eh, oh, no


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