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You're My Everything

Artist:Santa Egmeralda

La La La La ... La La La La ...
You're my everything
The sun that shines above you makes the bluebirds sing
The stars that twinkle way up in the sky
Tell me I'm in love

When I kiss your lips
I feel the roaring thunder to my fingertips
And all the while my head is in a spin deep within I'm in love

* You're my everything
And (no) nothing really matters but the love you bring
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You're my everything
To see you in the morning with those big brown eyes
You're my everything
Forever and a day I need you close to me
You're my everything
You never have to worry never fear for I am near

You're my everything
I'll live up from the land at sea the sky above
I'll swim with her ocean's waiting arm
There's no storm my love


沒有你的日子我 過的好嗎 人生幸福 피곤한 敢做自己 再吻我吧 劉德華 遠遠的天 我和你就像 雖然不是千金小 因為我不知道該 一條路走 別再追尋 女人 玫瑰 希望你能聽到 隨波逐浪 時候我覺得自己 無聊的時 落得如此下場 做好我 無後路