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Cliff Richard


Cliff Richard

Don't Be Mad At Me (Remastered)

Don't be mad at me, little darling
Don't be mad at me
Just because I stole a kiss from you
And I held you tenderly
What's a boy in love suppose to do
Don't be mad at me, no, don't be mad at me

Be mad at your lips (be mad at your lips)
As soft as can be (as soft as can be)
Be mad at your arms, but darlin'
Don't be mad at me, oh no, don't be mad at me

Please don't send me home, little darling
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Please don't send me home
If you let me stay, I promise this
I'll be good, but Golly Gee
If I try to steel another kiss
Don't be mad at me, no, don't be mad at me

(Repeat from verse)

Don't be mad at me
Don't be mad at me
Oh no, no, don't be mad at me


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