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Wishbone Ash


Wishbone Ash

Front Page News - Live in Paris 2015

You made me feel good
After all this time,
Welcomed me home
With my name in lights,
Took me by the hand,
Saway my fear,
Brought back the memory
Of those earlier years.
Everybody's talkin', front page news.
Gotta help you get up
And get rid of your blues.
Cheatin' the devil, or whatever you choose,
Even if you've got nothin', boy,
You've got somethin' to lose.

You've got Rosetta
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Eatin' out of your hand.
Got the answer if you've got the time.
Can't go on forever in lotus land,
Don't end up doing one night stands.

I've seen your face in every cloud,
I've followed the sun
Which brought me back to your side.
I've lived some time
By what the fortune-tellers say,
But now I know that I'm in love with U.K.

Everybody's talkin', front page news.


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