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Gimme More

ICP and Twiztid
Wrecking shit for the fam mothafackos

[Verse 1:Monoxide]
I'm like fuck this shit, bitch I ain't playin'
I give a fuck what you and that DJ sayin'
Your inners right now no more delaying
And like a dog I got em all obeying
Obliterate the competition like I was son of Satan
But really I'm just man on a mission impatiently waiting
I've got weight of a generation to generate in my head
And every song that I be makin' since 98
And you're tellin' me right now that it might be too late
I said back down, if it's coming to faith
Were to let down if it blows up in my face
But that's the kind of a person I ain't
I relate to the X files more than the American Idol
I'm a death star lookin' to jump start your vitals
And nothing's far, I'mma keep my name on the title
Even most, if not all, of my rivals are feeling suicidal
Bring em hell, knock em dead
Bring em back, gimmie more
Turn it down, turn it up, loud enough?
Gimmie more x7
More than I've been lookin' for
Plastic, pretend, empty, hollow
And you expect me to follow? (Hell no!)
Gimmie more x6
(Psychopathic Style)

[Verse 2: Violent J]
Gimmie more than you ever had before
I'm at your concert, bored, asleep on the floor
It's like pizza every night, it was ok the first bite
Then like an old hooker's neden, it's untight
Serve it up with hot soup, in a candy painted cup
With a fresh group on a fruity loop, it's still poop

[Verse 3: Shaggy 2 Dope]
You never outdo a veteran our medicine is better than
Anything I letterman, again I need excerderin
My head hurt, is that your best work?
Where your hearts allow (?)
That's on the chart? I rather hear a elephant fart
Wicked sciencist, hatchet cape flying fist
Why you even tryin' this? Bitch stick to fryin' fish

[Violent J]
Great lake, earthquake, kick your rump shaker
Take em through the road block, boom breaker, breaker

[Shaggy 2 Dope]
Any more of that? Stomp you flat
Like a door mat, ignore that crap in fact
Have that gore shit back


[Verse 4: Jamie Madrox]
You gotta keep strong with the resistance
Protect the regime from the narcissistic
Self centered sadistic, also hypocritic
When we spit shit brains turn on like a light switch
Amongst the flyin' fish
With the immortal rap and craft technique
Make these wack cheesy motherfuckers scared to speak
Spit sugar you're diabetically too sweet
They just some booge and ironically they've picked me
Last name (fuck)
First name (I don't give a)
A drunk degenerate like syrosis of the liver!
With the pinnacle third eye, pyramid supreme
Stayed on the top of the food chain
While bitches are bottom feed
Serious like the star of the east
With the power to outshine any newcommers and wildebeasts
Brother of Paul and my first name Jamie
And I'll shoot you in the face like Dick Cheney
You motherfuckers