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Landmine (Live)

well there ain't much entertainment
in a town this size and all
so i got myself up, dressed for this arraignment
cause i don't think i'm ready for the fall

now i find my thoughts deep in this room all by myself
thinking the moon might just explode if i don't leave
and the more i wait
it seems the more i hate this town
for what it's doing to me
this is when i need you most of all

then i stepped upon a landmine!
and i saw my future rise
i'm getting to know you between the lines

i dropped down about one forty two
hoping to get more looks from you
but it never made much difference in your eyes
and i suppose that it couldn't have helped things much
to set this day in a whirlwind rush
after finding out the backseat changed our lives

then i stepped upon a landmine!
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and i saw my future rise
now i'm getting to know you between the lines

it's 5AM and if i run,
i'm sure to pay for what i've done
but if i stay i'm sure to wish i ran
and though i knew this day would come
i never thought that i would run
from someone who is blind to me
you're as blind to me as you could be

na na na na na
na na na na na
na na na na na

then i stepped upon a landmine!
and i saw my future rise
now i'm getting to know myself between the lines
between the lines
between the lines


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