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Krunch Time'(feat. K.B.

[Verse 1]

As I proceed to give your ass what ya need
A straight guerilla, that hit these niggas for the scrilla
The wig spliter, I cock this 44 revolver, the problem solver
Step and get wet, like saliva
Like Pearl Harbor, I bomb muthafuckas
Got a whole army, so bring it on muthafuckas
You gets no ends, fuckin with interface, nigga
Your facin death, cause it's a whole clique of killas
And cap peelas, niggas that don't give a fuck about they damn self
You'll get your ass heated up, beat a nigga blue
And now we wanna get his crew, I take his whole crew
And I go through em like the flu
I finish niggas
Got more Clan than Menace niggas
I pull triggas, bring the pain to bitch niggas
And terrorize, and I could see it in they eyes
I capitalize, when it's down to Krunch Time, it's Krunch Time

[Verse 2]

Hoe's phase em all
Cause I'm Mac like Mall
But fuck a brawl, I beat a bitch to my hall
Country is hell, straight from the land of ATL
Got a gang of dope, except I sell it from the shelf
A million sells, and now these muthafuckas jealous
Schemein and plottin, and then they asses smell rotten
Lost and forgotten, they shoulda known there ain't no stoppin
Niggas be floppin, releasin shit when I be droppin
Some try to copy, bullshit be sounding sloppy
But they can't get me, them niggas suck like a hickey
The rhyme sender, drop your shit and surrender
You're no contender, make niggas Fall like November
In the fuckin rumble, you'll see the biggest nigga crumble
Tryin to tumble, I make the widest nigga humble
Big as Mutumbo, stepped away for 44
Your ass is dying, goddamit, in Krunch Time, it's Krunch Time

[Verse 3]

I hope now you see, that can't nobody fuck with me
In this industry and in the F-a-c-e
The fuckin label, with straight guerillas in the stable
Hit ya like Cable, ain't no muthafuckas able to stop my crew
Interface run shit, and if you niggas can't recognize
your ass die quick
Bitch, you're askin to catch a casket
I'm so drastic, pullin the trigger back like elastic
And blasted your whole area, hoe I bury ya
For layin your mouth ahead of ya
I'm the predator, and you the prey
Nigga watch what you say, I keep this AK
So muthafucka make my day
There's no escapin from this full blooded ape and
You made a mistake-in, and now the beast has awakened
Time to take your life, nigga
You shoulda thought twice
Now your ass is mine, muthafucka, in Krunch Time, it's Krunch Time


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