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Graham Parker


Graham Parker

Crying for Attention (Live)

Pre>intro f#m e a (3 times then d)

(d) a e a
Can you hear me?
Baby can you hear me?
Who do you think I'm talking to?
D a ea d
Is there anyone else near me?
Precious things come in my path
Like new clothes for me to try on
In the end they make me laugh
In the beginning they are something to rely on

I'm not crying for attention baby
I'm not crying for attention baby
I'm not crying for attention I'm screaming to be heard
D a ea d
Everybody's listening but you

(d) a e a
What's the matter?
Well there is no need to flatter
How do I get you to take notice?
Do I have to break and shatter?
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When I feel that I am driven
Over the edge where it's all hidden
I hang my head and hit a table or a chair
I know my place I just can't stay there


It's your loving example I need to receive
I need more than a handful give it to me

Aa d a ea d
Hey sometimes everybody has to be the centre of attraction
A e a d a ea d
But I i I i never expect any satisfaction
And I'm not crying I'm not crying I'm not crying
Not crying for attention

I'm not crying for attention
Baby I'm not crying for attention
Don't even say I am I'm not crying

Repeats and fades with a e d over 'crying' /pre>


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