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Dwight Yoakam


Dwight Yoakam

She'll Remember

作詞:Dwight Yoakam

She came in and she told me
She said, 'I'm leaving you', I said, 'Oh, you are?
Let me tell you something
If you leave, I suggest you stay gone
And I mean stay gone forever, you hear me? Ever'

So she left and then I missed her
I'm not gonna go into why mister
Well, there's one particular thing that she used to do late at night
I miss that especially

I can count off, I suppose a thousand things I miss
I don't wanna go into it right now
No, I don't want to count
One, two, one, two, three, four

Another day I spent alone
Here lately I cry and only she'll remember
Yeah, will she remember?

Early mornings, I just suffer through
Since feelin' empty's what I'm bound to do
But she'll remember, yeah, oh, she'll remember

When every choice filled with regret
Even though they haven't yet
Make her thoughts surrender
Then she'll remember

Late afternoon, I curl up tight
To fight back tears I shed all night
But she'll remember, yeah, she'll remember

Denote a bad and right a wrong
It's just a matter of how long
Will life defend her
Then she'll remember

She'll try, she'll try, but there won't be
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No more escape from her old lonely memories

Mine may be the only scars that show
From every break one heart could know
But she'll remember, yeah, she'll remember

Once all that's left is what's been used
An' any chance to hide from the truth
Keeps gettin' slimmer
Then she'll remember

So one more day I'll spend alone
Like every other, I'll cry and moan
But she'll remember, yeah, whoa, she'll remember

In early mornings, late afternoons
Each empty night I'm still sufferin' through
But she'll remember, yeah, she'll remember

When every choice filled with regret
Even though they haven't yet
Make her thoughts surrender
Then she'll remember

She'll remember
She'll remember
Yeah, yeah, remember
Whoa, she'll remember
She'll remember

She'll remember
She'll remember
Then she'll remember
Then she'll remember

Every choice filled with regret
Even though they haven't yet
Make her thoughts surrender
Then she'll remember


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