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What Have I Done (Demo)

A year now and nothing much has changed
Holed up in a motel in El Paso
This was meant to be my great escape
I got lost along the way amongst Court TV and take-out

Going to write my Moby Dick
More like scratching lyrics on paper plates
I spent the best years of my life
Waiting on the best years of my life
So what's there to write about?

What have I done? (repeated)

So is this my destiny?
From Starlight Inn to eternity
The gods must be laughing down at me
Ha, ha, ha

A traveling salesman at twenty years old
Stranded in Ann Arbor with a flat tire
I watched the sun sadly set
Any younger, I may have wept
Much older, I wouldn't have noticed
But I was out there in the world
And then the world passed me by
I told everyone back home I was taking it by storm
Instead I watched it from the roadside

What have I done? (repeated)
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As my friends were writing their own plays
I sit on a darkened center stage
Just waiting behind the curtain

What have I done? (repeated)

And if those curtains opened up
If I could plead to the audience
This is exactly what I would ask them

Have I become so blind
I can no longer see the beauty in an evergreen?
I was sure it was once magnificent
Now I hardly notice it
So what's to become of me?

What have I done? (repeated)

They say each snowflake is unique
But as they're covering the city
They look pretty much the same to me

No, no, no, what have I done? (repeated)

What have I done? (repeated)


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