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Duran Duran


Duran Duran

The Krush Brothers LSD Edit

作詞:Nicholas James Bates, Simon John Le Bon, John Nigel Taylor

Walk the edge of America
Concrete beach to scrape my head
Inside the subway stinking fear and shame
Becomes the violent breath

Hey boy, give your dreams a rest
If you're tired of searching
This is where it ends

There's nothing left to lose
Nothing to protest
Learn to love your anger now
Anger here is all you possess
Welcome to the edge


Duran Duran
1.A View To Kill
2.Undrgoing Treatment
3.All She Want Is
5.Duran Duran / Come Undone
6.Violence Of Summer (Lover's Taking Over)
7.Sunrise (Jason Nevins Remix)
8.[Reach Up For The]Sunrise (Jason Nevins Remix)
9.Decadance (Extended Mix)
11.The Chaffeur
12.The Krush Brothers LSD Edit (修改)
13.The Chauffer
14.Planet Earth (Single Version)
15.Silent Icy River
16.Wild Boys
17.Electric Barberella
18.Gilva Halo(提供)
19.Violence of summer
20.Violence Of Summer (love's Taking Over)
21.'Meet El Presidente'
22.Vertigo (Do The Demolition)
23.I'm Looking For Cracks in the Pavement
24.Reach Up for The Sunrise
25.Hold Back the Rain
26.New Religion (a Dialogue Between The Ego And The Alter Ego)
27.Box Full Of Honey
28.Seventh stranger
30.Diamond In The Mind(提供)
31.Big Thing - 2010 Remastered Version
32.God (London) - 2010 Remastered Version
33.I Believe / All I Need To Know - Full Version;2010 Remastered Version
34.The Edge Of America - 2010 Remastered Version
35.Palomino - 2010 Remastered Version
36.Do You Believe In Shame? - 2010 Remastered Version
37.Drug (It's Just A State Of Mind) - 2010 Remastered Version
38.Too Late Marlene - 2010 Remastered Version
39.All She Wants Is - 2010 Remastered Version
40.I Don't Want Your Love - 2010 Remastered Version
41.Notorious - 2010 Remastered Version
42.Vertigo (Do The Demolition) - Live;2010 Remastered Version
43.We Need You - 2010 Remastered Version
44.Proposition - 2010 Remastered Version
45.Winter Marches On - 2010 Remastered Version
46.So Misled - 2010 Remastered Version
47.Hold Me - 2010 Remastered Version
48.A Matter Of Feeling - 2010 Remastered Version
49.Skin Trade - 2010 Remastered Version
50.The Reflex - 2010 Remastered Version
51.New Moon On Monday (2010 Remaster)
52.I Take the Dice (2010 Remaster)
53.Shadows On Your Side (2010 Remaster)
54.The Seventh Stranger (2010 Remaster)
55.Is There Something I Should Know (2010 Remaster)
56.Secret Oktober (2010 Remaster)
57.Union of the Snake (The Monkey Mix) [2010 Remaster]
58.New Moon On Monday - 2010 Remastered Version
59.Union Of The Snake - 2010 Remastered Version
60.All She Wants Is - Euro Dub Mix;2010 Remastered Version
61.The Chauffeur - Live
62.The Wild Boys - 2004 Digital Remaster
63.American Science (Meltdown dub)
64.Northern Lights (Bonus Track)
65.What Happens Tomorrow (Live)
66.Virus (Live)
67.Hungry Like the Wolf (BBC In Concert)
68.Girls on Film (16 millimetre mix)
69.Out of My Mind (Metropolis mix)
70.I Believe (Medley)
71.Come Undone (La Fin de Siecle)
72.I don't want your love (7' Mix)
73.A View to a Kill (1985)
74.A View to a Kill (From the Film ''A View to a Kill'')
75.Lonely Business (remix)
76.Too Close To The Sun
77.Come Undome
78.Electric Barbarella (Radio Edit)
79.Serious (7'' Edit)
80.Someone Else Not Me (radio edit)
81.White Lines (Live from London Bonus Track)
82.Save a Payer
83.Falling Down (Radio Edit)
84.A View To a Kill (Main Title)
85.Rio (Remastered 2009) [Remastered]
86.Instant Karma
87.Oridinary World
88.Come Undone 2001
89.Meet el Presidente (Meet El Beat)
90.Save a Prayer - Remastered 2009
91.Notorious - (45 Mix) [Remastered]
92.Boys Keep Swinging
93.The Chauffeur - Remastered 2009
94.Rio, Part II
95.Drowning Man (D:Ream Ambient mix)
96.All She Wants Is (45 Mix)
98.Cinderella Ride
99.Falling Down (T-Empo club mix)

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